Rules For This Forum

This forum is for the discussion of the development and use of third-party BaseStation radio interface libraries (.biu files). Kinetic cannot offer support on the use or development of these libraries. (Note:- This forum is *not* for the discussion of the actual use of the radio interface - that should go in the Discussion forum).

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Rules For This Forum

Post by KineticWill » February 3rd, 2006, 11:02 am

This forum is for users to discuss the development of radio interface units for BaseStation. This can range from the discussion of techniques to the posting of links by which other users can obtain a radio interface file that the poster has developed.

It's clearly not possible for we at Kinetic to support every scanner currently available. Our purpose in creating this forum therefore is to allow users with scanners that we do not support to create their own radio interface units either for their own use, or for distribution to others.

We will post example files in this forum which will both offer an initial skeleton for development as well as serving as a definition of the interface.

We will not be able to offer support to users developing radio interface libraries. (Clearly, if someone poses a question which one of us can very quickly and easily answer, we will - but if and when we do this it should not be taken as any indication whatsoever that our support policy has changed).

Note:- Radio Interface Libraries are compiled Windows DLLs (Dynamic Link Libraries) and their creation requires a reasonable level of expertise in the field of Windows application development.

The information/data/files on this forum is being supplied by us on an "as is" basis, for use by whomever might wish to use it, and as such, we cannot, and do not, make any guarantees as to the quality of any radio interface units that might be created using it.

We would therefore recommend that users take all appropriate, standard precautions that they would normally take when downloading data files from the Internet - in particular, making backup copies of BaseStation datafiles before adding downloaded data.
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